Boat Day

It’s Boat Day today but, alas, not the good kind of Boat Day. We’re going up to the lake to take the boat out of the water for the season. Today is all about utility–getting the trailer hitched up, getting the boat over from where we dock to the boat launch, getting that huge pontoon on the trailer (straight on the trailer, not dangling half of it off the side as happened once), then getting it home to scrub and clean.

As the saying goes, even a bad day on the lake is better than a day anywhere else. So very true. One day about a month ago we went up to find we had to wade out to the dock because the water was high. The tie-up lines were hard to reach because the dock was at the wrong height. The boat was swarming with spiders who’d bred several generations of civilization since our last visit, and the heat and rain had created mildew on many of the seats and couches. Not a good day on the boat by any means, yet still a wonderful day compared to any other.

Today, if we end up with the boat successfully on the trailer, towed home, and backed into her space by the garage without any damage to property, life and limb, or end up divorced, we’ll call it a a good day. Our boat is a twenty-five foot pontoon–no dainty little girl to maneuver or tow! Wish us luck.

Geo just commented that in a state like this (Minnesota) where, at best, the boating season is five month out of the year, and then only if you don’t mind some boating days in the forties after having scrapped snow off the boat, it’s surprising people are so boat-obsessed. Is it surprising? Or do we treasure that more which we don’t have constantly and easily at hand?

The ‘Debbie Ann” the first year we had her, three days before we took her on a lake for the first time.

Addendum… we survived the day, getting the boat home and parked in its space beside the garage. There was a bit of a wrestling match to get the boat aligned on the trailer–backing up and refloating it so as to straighten her out and get the pontoons securely resting in the bunkers. Today I’ll be working on cleaning the seats, and this week Geo will clean the algae off the pontoons, so next Saturday she’ll be delivered to her winter storage. Another boating season over… (sigh)