Prophets of Science Fiction

Most of you who read here probably know I’m heavily involved in the world of Heinlein. I am on the Board of Directors of the Heinlein Society, and spend quite a bit of time and efforts advancing our goal to Pay It Forward. I also am webmaster for the Heinlein Prize Trust, which is Heinlein’s literary estate, and built and am archivist for the online Heinlein Archives.

Another piece of Heinlein-related projects I was involved with aired on the Science Channel this week. I had a small part in assisting the production of the Heinlein episode of Prophets of Science Fiction. I tracked down and sent them the photographs from the Heinlein Archives which were used in the program. They gave me and husband, Geo Rule, a very nice mention in the “Special Thanks” portion of the credits.

The show was well done–some errors and quibbles aside–and showed my favorite author in quite a good and interesting light.

You can read more about the program on the Heinlein Society website in an article I wrote.

Of All the Western StarsMy novel, Of All the Western Stars, available on Kindle, will soon be joined by an anthology of my science fiction stories. Stars That Sing the Requiem, named for one for one of the stories included, is a combination of previously published and original stories all with a woman as the main character.

Stars That Sing the RequiemThe title story, Stars That Sing the Requiem, is about the yearning for space and the future. It is joined by Flowers on the Moon, Those We Left Behind, Silence At the Fall of Night, and Terra Formation. It’s a good collection with several stories that have won awards and been published and republished in several best-of collections. I hope you’ll stop by Amazon and get a Kindle copy when it becomes available.