Remodeling the Website

I’ve been working the last few days on another major website remodel. This gets rather technical, so bear with me.

When I did the redesign I’ll call the “misty blue lake” design, I built using ASP.NET, a programming language based on Windows servers. It’s also the language I use on the television station website, so I’m comfortable with it. However, I also wanted to add a content management program and chose WordPress. It’s an amazingly versatile program, and free, but it runs on PHP, which I have used, but not a lot.

Misty Blue Lake

The Misty Blue Lake design–This is Lake Pokegama in Minnesota, where we often boat. I thought of this as Our Spot until the last visit, but that’s another story.

None of the content management programs (meaning “blog software”) for ASP.NET were adequate. None of the ASP.NET programs worked to feed just selected bits posts into my main page. I could do this with WordPress but had to use an iframe to put the PHP content into the ASP.NET page. Yuck! ASP.NET and PHP don’t play well together.

So, I’ve surrendered to PHP as my main site code. Of course, the more I use it the more comfortable it is. Switching web code languages back and forth is a bit like being in a foreign country where you do speak the language but not fluently. It takes thought and translation for a while.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder portion of my website I have split off entirely. I had had two installs of WordPress running on one database. But that was causing me problems when I shifted the main site page into the root directory. Now the Laura Ingalls Wilder has its own WordPress database, though I will continue to use ASP.NET for the bulk of the pre-existing pages, such as the Little House photo pages. WordPress does lack some flexibility when it comes to putting html into posts.

All this revision, at the same time as I was setting up my new Twitter account, has me wanting to do a visual redesign, as well. I was working on graphics to customize my Twitter page and liked the look I created there. It’s darker and more vibrant. It should work better with the bar menu I want to have on this site.

Debs new designTwitter background for the new website design here

Time is always the problem. I have so very, very little, and anything I do here means I’m sliding off work for my clients. Hopefully, though, I will get this done in a timely way and not leave this site hanging half done, as poor Civil War St. Louis has been!