Splendid Summer Honors Tasha

Splendid SummerMary Matthews, the author of Splendid Summer, available on Kindle from Amazon.com, is honoring the memory of our dearly beloved Tasha with a donation to PAWS of Coronado. The $1000 donation was the award for having one of the best Tweets in the Petties. The Petties honor winning pet bloggers with awards of donations to the animal shelter or rescue of their choice. Mary tweeted, “Congratulations on the #Petties Modern Cat!  Your designs are as intoxicating as cat nip!”

The donation to PAWS of Coronado is, “…in honor of Tatania, the magical white cat in Splendid Summer… also in honor of the memory of Beautiful Tasha, the cat who stepped up to play the role of Tatania on the cover of Splendid Summer”.

As human mama and papa to Tasha, lost to us in this world just a few weeks ago, we are honored by the memorial, and are pleased and proud to see Tasha grace the cover of Splendid Summer in the role of the magical cat Tatania.