Stars That Sing the Requiem

Stars That Sing the Requiem, a science fiction short story collection, joins my novel, Of All the Western Stars, on Amazon Kindle, published by Variations on a Theme publishing.

Four of the six stories in Stars That Sing the Requiem are previously published, with two making their first published appearances.

StarsThat Sing the Requiem, available from Amazon Kindle

The stories are:

Stars That Sing the Requiem – This is a very personal, though not truly autobiographical, story of the yearning for space and the future for those of us who had been pushed away from it. Stars That Sing the Requiem actually began in 1982 as a concept for a screenplay, a college film school project that had to percolate a few more years before it came together into this short story. This is more of a tale of feelings than events, and has always struck a stronger chord with female editors and readers than male–it’s October Sky for those of us who had for most of our lives been pushed away from the quest for space yet yearned for it as strongly as any of the men. Stars That Sing the Requiem was first published in Galactic Citizen, accepted as a reprint to regrettably defunct Keen SF (and spoken of highly by the editor in an interview), published in Millennium, both the webzine and a later ‘best of’ print issue. The editors of Millennium nominated it for a ‘Best of the Web’ anthology, to which it was also accepted.

Flower on the Moon – This is a hard science fiction story is a soft sf setting. Flowers on the Moon is about a terraforming project of a type we seldom hear about–terraforming our own moon. I worked quite a bit on the idea, and the science, that the moon could be made to hold a thin atmosphere if an artificial cap could be put on it–part of Heinlein’s ongoing idea that wherever there is mass and energy people can create a livable environment. The true theme of the story, however, is that the efforts and sacrifices of individuals can summon and change the future. Originally published in Private Galaxy Magazine.

Silver Lady – This is a short-short, or prose poem, about Earth’s moon. It’s a delicate little piece about our yearning for Luna and her yearning for us. Originally published in Wellspring literary magazine, reprinted in Jackhammer.

Silence At the Fall of Night – This is the most truly personal story of the collection. Silence At the Fall of Night is science fiction romance written at the time when my then future-husband and I were romancing on the Internet sight-unseen to each other from 2000 miles apart. This was the era on the Internet before there even was a World Wide Web. There were no profile pictures. There were no chat rooms. There were no personal websites and no photographs posted online. There were only people as silent “voices” speaking through plain text. One came to know the pure essence of a person without any of the usual external information. This was how my husband and I came to know each other. During our online romance we exchanged the equivalent of approximately 6000 printed pages of pure text; I have the printouts, Geo saved the text files. Silence At the Fall of Night is this pure relationship, a romance with no sight, no voice, no touching, just pure human contact coming out of the darkness.

Terra Formation – This is a science fiction story that is one of those stories based on an interesting notion that occurred to me–what if you needed to terraform a planet fast, in a catastrophic way, much as Earth was changed in the past at the time of major extinctions, but by intent.

Those We Left Behind – This story is a prequel to a series of other stories and novels (some complete, some not) based in my “Scouter ‘verse.” The story is science fiction and looks at the choices that must be made if we turn our backs on this planet to reach out to others. Originally published in Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy, reprinted in The Best of Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 3, republished in Private Galaxy.