I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new website, Tudorland.

TudorlandTudorland explores an area I’ve long been interested in, which is the history of the Tudor and era in England. Since I was only eleven-years-old and saw the movie Anne of the Thousand Days, I’ve been keenly interested in this historical era. The people and events of that time shaped the very nature of the world we live in right now.

Of All the Western StarsThe Tudorland website will feature book reviews from my extensive library of Tudor-era non-fiction books, as well as looking at some of the popular fictional accounts. I will also review movies and television programs focusing on the time.

Coming soon will be my own novel taking place in this time, Of All the Western Stars.

About to be released on Kindle at Amazon.com, Of All the Western Stars is an historical/time travel romance novel set in 1518. The story blends science fiction and historical romance.

I have also been invited to be guest author and blogger to be interviewed on the website of romance author, Bernadette Marie. Look for my appearance there the week of January 15th talking about Of All the Western Stars and how a science fiction and non-fiction Civil War history author – me – came to be writing a romance novel!

Of All the Western Stars is a foray into the land of the Tudors. The novel is a romance with history meeting science fiction as a young man, Ashur, time travels from five hundred years in our future to the world five hundred years in our past.

Lost and trapped, Ashur meets Lisette Weston, a young lady also trapped in the world of Tudor England. Obliged to marry for the good of family position, Lisette faces a loveless future of restriction and tedium until she finds Ashur and the magic he brings to her world.

But Ashur is not her shining knight come to rescue her and sweep her away with him. He is a fugitive from the future with a terrible burden of conscience for his own actions, pursued by those whose quest for vengeance against him will stop at nothing.

Check back for release information for Of All the Western Stars, and visit Tudorland!