Future History is Made Today!

11-11-12: It’s Lazarus Long’s 100th Birthday ! Happy 100th Birthday Woodrow Wilson Smith, aka Lazarus Long; Ernest Gibbons; Captain Aaron Sheffield; “Happy” Daze; His Serenity Seraphin the Younger, Supreme High Priest of the One God in All His Aspects and Arbiter Below and Above; Proscriber Prisoner No. 83M2742; Mr. Justice Lenox; Corporal Ted Bronson; Dr.[…]

I Know a Place…

I know a place where there is no smog and no parking problem… and no television commercials… So begins Robert Heinlein’s novel Glory Road. It’s a happy place the hero finds, with lovely land and friendly people. And quiet. We have no “quiet” anymore. People go outside to have a walk or run in nature[…]

Season of Marvels: Viking Tales

It’s Vikings past, present, and future! Available on Amazon Kindle Season of Marvels: Viking Tales joins my novel, Of All the Western Stars, and science fiction story collection, Stars That Sing the Requiem, on Amazon Kindle, all published by Variations on a Theme publishing. Season of Marvels: Viking Tales is a collection of stories featuring[…]