Stars That Sing the Requiem

Stars That Sing the Requiem, a science fiction short story collection, joins my novel, Of All the Western Stars, on Amazon Kindle, published by Variations on a Theme publishing. Four of the six stories in Stars That Sing the Requiem are previously published, with two making their first published appearances. StarsThat Sing the Requiem, available[…]

The Hunger Games

Originality of concept often isn’t as important as the freshness and the vitality of the approach. As the Harry Potter series breathed a vibrant new life into some very old fantasy concepts, The Hunger Games gives a hint of that vitality to the post-apocalyptic survival scenario, at least in the first book.

Romance Guest Author

Today I’m guest blogger on romance writer Bernadette Marie’s website talking about how I came to be interested in Tudor history, and how it led to the writing of my historical time travel romance novel Of All the Western Stars. On Tuesday, I was the featured interview on the site, setting a record for the[…]


I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new website, Tudorland. Tudorland explores an area I’ve long been interested in, which is the history of the Tudor and era in England. Since I was only eleven-years-old and saw the movie Anne of the Thousand Days, I’ve been keenly interested in this historical era. The people[…]

Boat Day: With Spiders

We’re in the last waning days of summer. I just moved to sit outside on the deck, to enjoy the summer sun, but it’s sixty-seven degrees right now, and feeling very much like autumn. The aspen tree has already lost most of its leaves, turning to gold and falling off. Others are already showing color,[…]