Dobby the Deer

Naturally it was right after the big foot-and-a-half snowstorm that I first saw the lone baby deer struggling through the snow toward the house. It’s rare to see a deer alone here. Usually they’re in groups of four to a dozen, except for the occasional lone buck. But this baby was alone. And little; barely[…]

Boat Day

It’s Boat Day today but, alas, not the good kind of Boat Day. We’re going up to the lake to take the boat out of the water for the season. Today is all about utility–getting the trailer hitched up, getting the boat over from where we dock to the boat launch, getting that huge pontoon[…]

The Ghost in the Little House by William V. Holtz

The Ghost in the Little House: A Life of Rose Wilder Lane by William V. Holtz, reviewed by Deb Houdek Rule. A biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s only daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. It is rather controversial among Laura’s fans as a major premise of the book is that Rose, not Laura, was the real writer of the beloved Little House series of books.

Little House in the Ozarks: The Rediscovered Writings

Little House in the Ozarks: The Rediscovered Writings, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, edited by Stephen W. Hines, reviewed by Deb Houdek Rule. A collection of articles Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote in the decades before the first of her “Little House” books came out. For about twenty years before her first book, “Little House in the Big Woods,” Laura was a regularly published writer of articles and essays in regional newspapers and farm magazines beginning in 1911.