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Jacob RASCH married Anne Christine DEICHMAN on 1784 in Askerhus, Norway.

Anne Christine DEICHMAN married Jacob RASCH on 1784 in Askerhus, Norway.

Other marriages:

Jehan MICHELET was born about 1517.


JACQUES ON JACQUEMIN (seventh of eight les enfants de Jehan Michelet - Le Masson, 1444), escripvain, 1576; clere, 1579; receveur, 1587; commis du tresorier du Roy, 1593, morte, 1610; premiere femme, Suzanne Joly, morte, 1584, seconde femme Suzanne Wiriot.

DANIEL, (fifth of seven les enfants de Jacques - De sa premiere femme Suzanne Joly), baptized 20th of September 1592; epousa Marie fille de Daniel Collin, pratician du palais.

JACQUES, (third of four les enfants de Daniel), baptized the 29th of December 1623, morte, 8th of October, 1685, teinturier, diacre.

LOUIS, (fourth of four les enfants de Jacques), nee the 17th of December 1675. Marchand. Apres pasteur a Zweebrucken, epousa Suzanne Mangeot a Zweebrucken. Louis, with his wife Suzanne Mangeot, and five children, proclaimed publicly their faith as Huguenots, and then he fled from the city of Metz, was married in Zweibrucken in 1697, returned to Metz in 1698, later returned again to Zweibrucken where he became a Protestant pastor, and died in 1752.

Regrettably, not sure where I found this.

He had the following children:

  M i Jacques MICHELET was born 1550 and died 25 Sep 1632.

Oluff JENSEN PHARO [Parents] was born 1601 in Aker, Akershus, Norway. He died 17 Mar 1671 in Nes, Hedmark, Norway. Oluff married Bente Hansen GRIMSTON on 8 Jun 1663.

Bente Hansen GRIMSTON married Oluff JENSEN PHARO on 8 Jun 1663.

Paul MICHELET [Parents] was born 1696. He married Karen SMITH.

Karen SMITH married Paul MICHELET.

They had the following children:

  F i Bartha MICHELET.

Gullick FJELDE married Bartha MICHELET on 1750.

Bartha MICHELET [Parents] married Gullick FJELDE on 1750.

BIOGRAPHY: Bio of a descendent:

"Jakob Henrik Gerhard Fjelde was a sculptor, of the whose artistic productions the city of Minneapolis has reason to be proud. The name Fjelde is taken from a place on the western coast of Norway, and translated into English it means "mountains." So far as known, the first person to bear that name was Gullik Fjelde, a theological student, who married, in 1750, Bartha Michelet, of a well-known military family, who had immigrated from France, being Huguenors. Paul Gerhard Fjelde, father of Jakob, descended in direct line from Gullik, was a cabinet maker and wood carver in Aalesund, Norway, a man of fine artistic tastes, who early discovered the talent of his son and provided for his education in art. His wife, Claudine Thomane Bolette, nee Hinchen, was of German descent, belonging to a family of merchants and sea captains, who came to Norway from Germany. The subject of this sketch was born in Aalesund, Norway, April 10, 1855. As a boy he showed considerable talent in an artistic way, and at the age of ten years his father began to encourage him in the work of wood carving."

I tried to follow this ancestry downward from Bartha Michelet and Gullik Fjelde but couldn't find the connections. Going the other direction, backwards from Jakob Fjelde, it seemed to be correct but I didn't explore the details.

They had the following children:

  M i Andreas FJELDE.

Andreas FJELDE [Parents] married Ester FINNTVEDTSDATTER.


They had the following children:

  F i Efina FJELDE.

Abraham SORDAHL married Efina FJELDE.

Efina FJELDE [Parents] married Abraham SORDAHL.

They had the following children:

  M i Andrias SORDAHL.

Andrias SORDAHL [Parents] married Vendal MICHELBUST.

Vendal MICHELBUST married Andrias SORDAHL.

Cyprian ANDREASEN [Parents] was born 1862 in Trogstad, ØF. He married Anna Karolina PEDERSDTR.

Anna Karolina PEDERSDTR was born 1863 in Odalen, Hedmark, Norway. She married Cyprian ANDREASEN.

They had the following children:

  F i
Kaja Mathilde CYPRIANSDATTER was born 1892 in Skedsmo, Askerhus.
  F ii
Anne Marie CYPRIANSDTR was born 1895 in Skedsmo, Askerhus.
  M iii
Hans Christian CYPRIANSEN was born 1898 in Skedsmo, Askerhus.

Peter MICHELET [Parents] was born 20 Feb 1827 in Båstad, Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway. He died 7 Oct 1902 in Båstad, Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway. Peter married Karen THORSDTR.

Census: In 1865 census for Thrygstad (Trogstad), farm named Sæther nordre:

8    Peter  Michelet  Husfader  Gaardbruger og Selveier  g  39  m  

9    Karen  Thorersd.  hans Kone     g  39  k  Enebaks Prgj.                             

10   Peter Chr.  Michelet  deres Søn     ug  15  m  Trygstad Prgj.                             

11   Randine  Michelet  deres Datter     ug  13  k  Trygstad Prgj.                             

12   Caroline A.  Michelet  deres Datter     ug  11  k  Trygstad Prgj.                             

13   Thea  Michelet  deres Datter     ug  4  k  Trygstad Prgj.                            

14   Nils Hagbart  Michelet  deres Søn     ug  2  m  Trygstad Prgj.  

Census: 1900 census:

Petter  Michelet  m  b  hf  e  Gaardbruger, selveier  1827  t  n  s  

Petter C.  Michelet  m  b  s  ug  Arbeider paa gaarden  1851  t  n  s  

Nils Hagbart  Michelet  m  b  s  ug  Arbeider paa gaarden  1864  t  n  s

Karoline Amalie  Michelet  k  b  d  ug  Fjøs- og husstel  1855  t  n  s  

Thea  Michelet  k  b  d  ug  Husflidsarbeide  1862  t  n  s  

Mina Konstanse  Michelet  k  b  d  ug  husstel  1868  t  n  s  

Margit  Hans.  k  b  Datter-d  ug  Datter-datter  1893  t  n  s  

Hagbart  Johanness.  m  b  Udsat af Kr.ania fattigvæsen  ug  Offentlig understøttelse  1889  Glemminge Sm  

Karen THORSDTR was born 16 May 1827 in Enebakk, AK. She died 1 Aug 1889 in Båstad, Trøgstad. Karen married Peter MICHELET.

They had the following children:

  M i
Peter Christian MICHELET was born 22 Jul 1851 in Båstad, Trøgstad. He died 18 Feb 1916 in Enebakk, AK.
  F ii Randine MICHELET was born 13 Oct 1853 and died 28 Mar 1895.
  F iii Karoline Amalie MICHELET was born 7 Aug 1855 and died 27 Feb 1935.
  M iv
Niels Hagbart MICHELET was born 11 Mar 1860 in Båstad, Trøgstad. He died 24 Oct 1861 in Båstad, Trøgstad.
  F v Thea MICHELET was born 6 Oct 1862 and died 2 Jun 1916.
  M vi Niels Hagbart MICHELET was born 19 Nov 1864 and died 25 Oct 1925.
  F vii Mina Constance MICHELET was born 21 Feb 1868 and died 3 Jul 1951.
  M viii Carl Bernhard MICHELET was born 25 Jan 1871.

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