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Paul Adolph Heidenreich RIIS [Parents] was born 1889 in Halden, Ostfold, Norway. He married Magdalene Birgitte WÆHLE.

Magdalene Birgitte WÆHLE was born 19 Jul 1896 in Bergen, HO, Norge. She married Paul Adolph Heidenreich RIIS.

Carl August GULBERG was born 1812 in Strømstad, Sweden. He died 1892. Carl married Dorothea Marie Margareta HEIDENREICH on 24 Apr 1864 in Ullensaker, Askerhus.

Dorothea Marie Margareta HEIDENREICH [Parents] was born 1829. She died 1907. Dorothea married Carl August GULBERG on 24 Apr 1864 in Ullensaker, Askerhus.

They had the following children:

  F i Carola Emilie Kristine GULBERG was born 1865 and died 1934.
Ansgar GULBERG was born 1868 in Ullensaker, Askerhus. Ansgar died 1924.

Ole Petter HANSEN was born 1867 in Eidsberg, Ostfold. He married Carola Emilie Kristine GULBERG.

Carola Emilie Kristine GULBERG [Parents] was born 1865 in Ullensaker, Askerhus. She died 1934. Carola married Ole Petter HANSEN.

They had the following children:

  M i
Rolf GULDBERG-HANSEN was born 1898 in Oslo, OS, Norge. He died 1983.

Mads Nilsen TYRHOLM was born 1624. He died 1676. Mads married Dorte NILSEN HOLST.

Dorte NILSEN HOLST [Parents] was born about 1633. She married Mads Nilsen TYRHOLM.

They had the following children:

  M i
Nikolai Georgi MADSEN.
  F ii Else MADSDTR.

Friderich EDVARDT married Else MADSDTR.

Else MADSDTR [Parents] married Friderich EDVARDT.

Fredrik Weidemann NORDGRENN [Parents] was born 29 Mar 1849 in Oslo, OS, Norge. He married Marie SCHØYEN.

Marie SCHØYEN was born 23 Apr 1853 in Grue, Hedmark. She married Fredrik Weidemann NORDGRENN.

They had the following children:

  M i Hilmar Fredrik Weidemann NORDGRENN was born 20 Oct 1884 and died 2 Jan 1910.
  M ii
Aage Wilhelm Weidemann NORDGRENN was born 5 Oct 1891 in Oslo, OS, Norge.

Hilmar Fredrik Weidemann NORDGRENN [Parents] was born 20 Oct 1884 in Grue, Hedmark. He died 2 Jan 1910. Hilmar married Signe DAHL.

Signe DAHL was born 30 Nov 1889. She married Hilmar Fredrik Weidemann NORDGRENN.

Hans JENSEN married Wilhelmine Margrethe Marie Weidemann NORDGRENN.

Wilhelmine Margrethe Marie Weidemann NORDGRENN [Parents] was born 24 Sep 1854. She died 25 Jan 1914. Wilhelmine married Hans JENSEN.

Nils Christian AAS was born 17 Jul 1853 in Oslo, OS, Norge. He died 12 Mar 1915 in Charlottenberg, Sweden. Nils married Johanne Emelie Weidemann NORDGRENN.

Johanne Emelie Weidemann NORDGRENN [Parents] was born 14 Aug 1855 in Oslo, OS, Norge. She died 11 Jan 1918. Johanne married Nils Christian AAS.

They had the following children:

  M i
Johannes Henrik Fredrik AAS ARNOLFF was born 16 May 1882 in Larvik, Vestfold.
  M ii Gudrun AAS was born 19 Jan 1888.

Gudrun AAS [Parents] was born 19 Jan 1888 in Oslo, OS, Norge. He married Birger Johannes OPSAHL on 16 Dec 1916.

Birger Johannes OPSAHL was born 13 May 1884. She married Gudrun AAS on 16 Dec 1916.

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