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Welcome to my personal website!

Deb & Geo Rule

We're a genuine Internet couple, meeting in April of 1992 on Prodigy's Heinlein Forum. After thousands of emails and meetings (aka "dates") in Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, and California we married in Nevada in April of 1995. Our children are of the furry variety, Tasha, Krystal, Buddy, and Oli. I work at a NBC television station as a broadcast engineer/Master Control operator. Geo is an IT consultant for an insurance company.

Secrets of Internet Dating

LASIK--Laser Eye Surgery

Science Fiction and fantasy movies you don't have to be embarrassed to rent


On the Deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa


"Star Wars" is "Dune"

Potty Box From Hell (reports on the powered cat litter boxes)

Highlander 4: Movie Review

Star Wars Revised: Movie Review

Highlander: American vs European versions - Second by second comparison between Highlander, the first movie's original American version and the expanded/European versions, by G. E. Rule



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