Boat Day: With Spiders

We’re in the last waning days of summer. I just moved to sit outside on the deck, to enjoy the summer sun, but it’s sixty-seven degrees right now, and feeling very much like autumn. The aspen tree has already lost most of its leaves, turning to gold and falling off. Others are already showing color,[…]

Remember Flight 93

In the midst of the remembrances and reflections on the tenth anniversary of 9-11, I will remember and honor the brave people of Flight 93. That flight, aimed for our nation’s capital, was crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. That place, and those Americans onboard, are our time’s Alamo. Remember Flight 93. They fought[…]

Splendid Summer Honors Tasha

Mary Matthews, the author of Splendid Summer, available on Kindle from, is honoring the memory of our dearly beloved Tasha with a donation to PAWS of Coronado. The $1000 donation was the award for having one of the best Tweets in the Petties. The Petties honor winning pet bloggers with awards of donations to the animal[…]

Remodeling the Website

I’ve been working the last few days on another major website remodel. This gets rather technical, so bear with me. When I did the redesign I’ll call the “misty blue lake” design, I built using ASP.NET, a programming language based on Windows servers. It’s also the language I use on the television station website, so[…]