Two of my lifelong interests are science fiction and the history of Tudor England. These two fascinations met in my romance novel, “Of All the Western Stars.” In that story, time travel science fiction crash lands in Tudor England of 1518. The book has an autobiographical flavor, too, as it came about due to my long-distance Internet romance with my now-husband.

In science fiction I am very involved in the legacy of author Robert Heinlein. I was on the Board of Directors of the Heinlein Society, a charitable organization dedicated to Heinlein’s principle of “Pay It Forward.” I am the former newsletter editor for the Heinlein Society. I was also webmaster for Heinlein’s estate, the Heinlein Prize Trust. I created and maintained all their websites, writing their articles and press releases, and designed and built the landmark online Heinlein Archives.

I grew up on tales of trolls in the brush piles in northern Wisconsin, so I reach into my Norwegian ancestry for my Viking stories. I seek back to the places and times those trolls came from! I write of the Vikings past, present, and future in science fiction and historical fantasy stories.

My other major writing interest came from following an odd whim and then researching it into territory no one had ever explored before. I research and write non-fiction history on Confederate Secret Service operations in the Trans-Mississippi theater, with emphasis on the Civil War in St. Louis, Missouri. This research led to my article, “Sultana: A Case for Sabotage” being published in North & South magazine and my subsequent appearance in the History Channel documentary, “Civil War Terror.” I hope to publish an expanded version of this article soon, along with my book on Gratiot Street Prison, the main Union prison in St. Louis.