Minnesota Winter Driving Rules

As I told to Husband his first winter here:

1. Green light does not mean ‘go’, it means check to see if the other direction can stop. The car sliding sideways through the intersection on a red has the right-of-way.

2. On a snowcovered road, if you sometimes see the lane stripes, ignore them. It doesn’t matter where the lanes are, just where we all agree they are.

3. Don’t slow down and bunch up. That’s what causes accidents. Speed is okay if you have space around you.

4. MOST IMPORTANT! Make sure you have plenty of washer fluid and that it’s the anti-freeze type and that it’s actually in your washer fluid tank (saw a guy holding a jug out his window flinging the fluid onto the windshield as he drove, and he wasn’t the first).

Minnesota Plows

Minnesota Winter

In the finer points:

5. Don’t be in the outside lane on a curve or corner beside someone, if they fishtail it will be your direction.

6. Corners dead slow, don’t touch the gas until you’re straight.

7. Leave the mini-van with the bald tires at home.

8. Most manual transmission cars will fishtail to the right if downshifted under power (don’t), watch out for sports cars on that side at stoplights.

9. Yes, the 4wd truck does think he can drive faster than the economy car, and, yes, he is usually right (I have the best snow tires, 4wd, and in the box sandbags over the rear wheels).

10. Clean your headlights, they get gunked up like the windshield.

11. Anti-lock brakes suck, pump your brakes anyhow.