Season of Marvels: Viking Tales

It’s Vikings past, present, and future!

Season of Marvels: Viking Tales joins my novel, Of All the Western Stars, and science fiction story collection, Stars That Sing the Requiem, on Amazon Kindle, all published by Variations on a Theme publishing.

Season of Marvels: Viking Tales is a collection of stories featuring Norse and Icelandic Vikings in fantasy and science fiction stories covering a span of time from 800A.D. to the present day, to the far distant future.

Stories include: “Viking-Trojan War,” in which 9th century Vikings and their zombie warriors encounter the University of Southern California Trojans, with a movie deal sure to follow; “The Last Ship,” in which the fate of the Greenland Vikings in the Little Ice Age may have had extraterrestrial cause; “Season of Marvels,” a fantasy story in the style of the Norse sagas, because there’s always a slavering demon in the codfish bin; “Borealis,” a science fiction novella set far in the future in which a young man and his cat attempt to manipulate a Viking-type culture, originally published in Writers of the Future, vol. IX.

The cover image is a photo I took of abandoned houses in the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland. The Orkneys were settled by Vikings and retain much of their influence.

Read more about the stories in Season of Marvels: Viking Tales, with excerpts.