The Stages of Christmas Lights Denial

It’s November 12th, and I’ve now passed through the first stage of Christmas Lights Denial. This is the stage where I sigh heavily, look around the place, and decide putting up lights is really far too much work and I Just Won’t Do Lights This Year. This stage begins to be a bit battered on a nice, warm weekend when I’m outside working, preparing the place for winter, and I start to think it would be pleasant to put the lights up while it’s warm with no snow and no gloves needed.

At this stage it becomes inevitable that I will put up Christmas lights, though now I enter the stage of thinking, “Well, I’ll just put up a few lights, not a huge amount.” This is the stage I’m at now, yet even as I’m thinking this I’m mentally evaluating the property and planning my electrical runs and how I can keep the deer from tripping over and cutting the lines. The Just A Few Lights stage will most likely come to an end tomorrow, Saturday, when I will start putting up some lights.

The next stage is the I Need More Lights stage of the project and involves multiple trips to Menards or other stores to get more lights and extension cords. The greatest joy of the new LED lights is the ability to splice together a huge amount of light strings without draining the power grid and melting the extension cords.