Succeeding Through Paying It Forward

An article I wrote for the Heinlein Society website: The Heinleins’ Adopted Granddaughter Invents Medical Product by Deb Houdek Rule “When your hero adopts you at age 12, there’s little that seems out of reach.” —Amy Baxter, M.D. Amy Baxter, the Heinleins’ adopted granddaughter, is gaining renown as the inventor of a medical device called[…]

Season of Marvels: Viking Tales

It’s Vikings past, present, and future! Available on Amazon Kindle Season of Marvels: Viking Tales joins my novel, Of All the Western Stars, and science fiction story collection, Stars That Sing the Requiem, on Amazon Kindle, all published by Variations on a Theme publishing. Season of Marvels: Viking Tales is a collection of stories featuring[…]

Flowers on the Moon

Who ever imagined, who had ever thought, there would be a blue sky on the moon? Beyond, the landscape looked much like the previous plain, save for the bluish haze hanging low over it. If she looked directly up, through the clear roof of the car, the sky that appeared blue at an angle was darker, almost black, with stars still showing through. Mariah quit looking up.