Flowers on the Moon

Who ever imagined, who had ever thought, there would be a blue sky on the moon? Beyond, the landscape looked much like the previous plain, save for the bluish haze hanging low over it. If she looked directly up, through the clear roof of the car, the sky that appeared blue at an angle was darker, almost black, with stars still showing through. Mariah quit looking up.

Those We Left Behind

“Those We Left Behind” is a prequel to “Gandharvas”. The story is science fiction. Originally published in Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy, September 1998. Reprinted in The Best of Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 3, Winter 1998, republished in Private Galaxy in February 2003. ©1995 D. A Houdek (Deb Houdek Rule)

Silence At the Fall of Night

A comet came and went unseen through the star system, leaving a trail of debris behind it. Melanie dreamed of Misha as the planet entered the comet’s debris. In her dream she could feel his hands, soft and stroking, the warmth of his breath on her neck, the feel of his body against hers. Never once, in the dream, did she try to see his face. She woke in floating darkness and pretended he was still there.

Stars That Sing the Requiem

“Stars That Sing the Requiem” actually began in 1982 as a concept for a screenplay, a college film school project that had to percolate a few more years before it came together into this short story. This is more of a tale of feelings than events, and has always struck a stronger chord with female editors and readers than male–it’s “October Skies” for those of us who had for most of our lives been pushed away from the quest for space yet yearned for it as strongly as any of the men. “Stars That Sing the Requiem” was first published in Galactic Citizen, accepted as a reprint to regrettably defunct Keen SF (and spoken of highly by the editor in an interview), published in Millennium, both the webzine and a later ‘best of’ print issue. The editors of Millennium nominated it for a ‘Best of the Web’ anthology, to which it was also accepted. ©1990 D. A Houdek (Deb Houdek Rule)

Terra Formation

Something happened on Earth. We can’t determine what it was, whether a natural disaster, or war, or what. Whatever the cause, a series of ships were forced to depart from Earth, starting out not more than a decade after us. Like ours, they’re asteroid ships, but constructed in haste, and without full resources, they have the capacity to reach only one destination.” She looked meaningfully at the star again. “This one.”