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The hope in adding this material to my website is that distant relatives and other researchers may benefit and be able to add to their own research, and possibly add to mine. Please email Deb Houdek Rule if you have information to add, or corrections, to current entries. I'd especially like to be able to add photos of more people, and historical context of the people, their locations, and their times.

I've divided this genealogy of mine by my great-grandparents surnames. This let me avoid putting up any names of those still living, and to divide the entries more cleanly along family and country lines (Norway, Sweden, Bohemia, Germany). Relatives may contact me by email for information on more current generations.

Bollaugsen (also spelled Bellaugson, Bollougsen, Bollogsen Bollougson, Bolaugsen, Bøllougsen, Bøllogsen) of Hedmark, Oppland, and Troms, Norway. Includes Rasmussen & Rasmusdatter of Hedmark and Troms, Norway.


Lee - Lie of Hønefoss and Norderhov, Buskerud County, Norway. Includes Raa, Gihle, Hønen. Also the American descendents of Thorvald H. Lee.

Dahl of Smolen or Småland, Sweden (an area including about three Swedish counties).


Michelet of Norway (includes Brandt, Daae, Deichman, Finde, Finkle/Finkel, Fjelde, Hals, Harbou, Heidenreich, Hjede or Heyde, Holst, Schwarke of Østfold, Askerhus, Sør-Trøndelag, Vestfold, and Oslo, Norway) - added April 10, 2003

Hegge of Nord-Trondelag, Norway. --Pages revised and added to, April 10, 2003


Rask and Larson & Larsdotter of Finnakers Bruk, Fellingsbro, Örebro, Sweden.

Houdek of Bohemia. Includes Kotek of Bohemia. Also Picha or Piha, and Topich or Topic of Bohemia. Sauter of Prussia, Germany. Includes Kinzel of Brechinach, Bohemia. --Pages revised and added to April 10, 2003--Houdek and Sauter pages combined


Burnett County, Wisconsin cemetery pictures:

Pleasant Prairie Cemetery

St Olaf Cemetery

Wood River Baptist Cemetery

Benson Cemetery

Logging Creek Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery, Grantsburg


These ancestry web pages were created using Ancestry.com's free Family Tree software. It a truly excellent piece of software--and it's free. The hope is you'll then share your ancestry work on a website or in Ancestry.com's Family Tree so others may benefit from the information. Printed reports can be done in numerous formats. Very worthwhile.

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Also available from Ancestry.com (a subscription database service) which has an amazing collection of information including the entire US Census online, 1790-1930:

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Surnames: Bollaugsen - Dahl - Michelet - Hegge-Rask - Lee (Lie) - Houdek-Kotek-Sauter-Kinzel

Burnett Co., Wisconsin Cemeteries: Pleasant Prairie, St. Olaf, Wood River, Benson, Logging Creek, Riverside Cemetery, Grantsburg

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