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Bollaugsen Family of Norway

Bollaugsen (Bollougsen, Bolaugsen, Bøllougsen, Bøllogsen) Ancestry

With families from:

Farm names:

Tynset, Hedmark

Folldal, Hedmark

Elverum, Hedmark

Dovre, Oppland

Lesja, Oppland

Bardu, Troms





Lille Elvedalens








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The Bollaugsens and Rasmussens (Ramsumdatter) are the most roaming of the families I've traced. The spelling of Bollaugsen changed depending on where they lived with the variations apparently due to dialect differences within Norway. They lived in Hedmark and Oppland, with Barbro Rasmusdtr being from Hedmark. She and Ole Bollaugsen married, however, in Troms, Norway, which is a county far to the north--north of the Arctic Circle. It is from there they migrated to America via Quebec, Canada in 1866 on the ship Norden. In the USA they first lived in Burnett County, Wisconsin (1870 census), then for a time in Christiania Township, Jackson County, Minnesota (1880 census). This apparently gave rise to the family history story that they were from Kristiansand, Norway (which is not true). By 1890 Barbo Rasmusdtr was apparently dead and Ole Bollaugsen was living with his married daughter Randi (wife of Thorvald Lee) in St. Paul (1890 St. Paul City Directory). By 1900 they were all back in Burnett County, Wisconsin where they remained the rest of their lives.

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