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The Michelets in Norway are descended from two Huguenot brothers, Jacob (Jacques) and Paul Michelet, who came to Norway from Metz in the mid-1600s. Metz, Alsace, Lorraine, France, is one of those places that changed countries now and then and so sometimes you'll find Metz listed as part of Germany.


As part of my family research I ended up tracking down nearly everyone with the surname Michelet in Norway up to the year 1900. Nearly all descend from Paul Michelet of Metz. The Michelets in Norway were very frequently in the military, or in administrative roles. There also seemed to be a strong thread of artist/artisan with craftsman, writers, and music teachers. There were also quite a number of lawyers and politicians. At some point the Michelets were said to be nobility, though who and when I did not specifically find. The main area they were from was Trøgstad in Østfold, Norway with a large farm named Solberg being one of the main family homes. Other primary areas the Michelets lived were Halden in Østfold, Enebakk in Askerhus, and Oslo.


The St. Croix River

left bank Pine County, Minnesota

right bank Burnett County, Wisconsin


My own search into the Michelet families of Norway started with immigrant pioneers in 1870 in the very wild woods and prairies of Burnett County, Wisconsin, USA. This is in north-western Wisconsin along the St. Croix River which forms the Minnesota-Wisconsin border. A great many of my relatives come from there, and I grew up just across the river from Burnett County in Pine County, Minnesota. I came across the Michelet name while trying to trace the ancestry of my Dahl ancestors. In the 1870 census appeared my gggrandfather Peter J. Dahl and his wife, whose name we only knew as Bergitta, born in Norway about 1840. In this census, however, she was listed as Jacobine B., and in the same household, marked as being part of the same family, was a 62-year-old man named F. Michelet, born in Norway. Bergitta's husband was Swedish, so it appeared F. Michelet was tied to Bergitta, or Jacobine Bergitta.

Ultimately I found  Jacobine Bergitta's correct ancestry (from Hadsel, Norway, not online yet), and it didn't tie to the Michelets, at least not any way I've found yet. So, the mystery remains as to why Fredrick Michelet and his daughter were living with my ancestors in Wisconsin.


In the process of my hunt for my own family ties, I ended up gathering an extensive collection of genealogical information on nearly all of the descendents of Paul Michelet, the Huguenot from Metz. That information is presented here, with links to several related family lines. There are certainly some errors contained herein, though I've checked and cross-checked everything as far as possible with available sources. Naturally, the further back you go in time in this genealogy, the greater the uncertainty factor.


There are 207 people with the surname Michelet presented here.


I mix Norwegian and American spellings of family and place names throughout--more a matter of keyboard characters available when I entered the data than any special preferences, likewise use of place name abbreviations. Also the spelling of a number of names and place names changed through time. Some variations used are:

Norge = Norway

Norwegian county names:

Norge amt:


Town/City names:



Østfold = Ostfold

ØF = Ostfold

Trøgstad = Trogstad = Thrygstad

AK = Askerhus

TE = Telemark

HE = Hedmark

BU = Buskerud

ST = Sør-Trøndelag


Trondhjem = Trondheim

Oslo = Christiania = Kristiania

Halden = Holden = Høland

Båstad = Baastad

Fåberg = Faaberg

(the letter å often is written in English as a double a)


Recommended Genealogy sources:


More Michelet-related websites:

(many related sites are at linked at appropriate places throughout this site)

LDS Family Search - a large amount of Norwegian church records transcribed and searchable, plus info on ordering microfilm copies, complete 1880 US census

Digitalarkivet - Norwegian censuses, church records, maps --extremely extensive source

100 Years of Emigrant Ships From Norway - searchable ship records, a growing collection

Minnesota Death Certificates - state many Norwegians came to

Ancestry.com - This site was made using Ancestry's FREE Family Tree database software, available for download at their site--strongly recommended. Subscription service with complete US census, historical newspaper collections, city directories, birth and death records, and much more (US & UK resources)

Inger's Homepage - contains quite a few Michelets and related families, goes back to Christian Fredrik Michelet, b. 1697

Descendents of Major Paul Michelet - starts with Paul Michelet, b. 1619 and traces a few branches downward.

Finkle Family Album - follows a Wisconsin daughter of Jacob Post Michelet, b. 1795 and her family with photos

Mickley - the US descendents of the Michelets who remained in France, name changed to Mickley in the US

Ancestors of Ken Nygaard - 11 Michelets, mainly relating to a young lady who was the illegitimate daughter of a Michelet


There's also a French language site with a genealogy of Michelets of Metz but I'm not linking to it because of the obscene amount of popup ads on the site. You can find it by searching Google for: Michelet Metz


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