Print Publications – stories and articles…

ss-short story
  • Flowers on the Moon – (ss) Private Galaxy, October 2003
  • Adjustments – (ss) Private Galaxy, April 2003
  • Those We Left Behind – (ss) Private Galaxy, February 2003
  • Arthur McCoy, (ar) James-Younger Gang Journal, summer 2002
  • Sultana: A Case For Sabotage, (ar) volume 5, issue 1 of North & South magazine
  • Silence At the Fall of Night, Summer 2000 issue, Terra Incognita
  • Stars That Sing the Requiem, (ss) Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy (print issue), Vol. 2, Issue 2, Summer 1999
  • Stars That Sing the Requiem, (ss) Millennium SF & F, March 1999
  • Those We Left Behind, (ss) The Best of Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 3, Winter 1998
  • Those We Left Behind, (ss) Millennium SF & F, September 1998
  • Silver Lady, (ss) Jackhammer, July 1998
  • Open Enrollment, (ss) Jackhammer, July 1998
  • Chimaera, (ss) Jackhammer, April 1998
  • Walking the Edge, (ss) Jackhammer, April 1998
  • Robert A. Heinlein: Murder Suspect (with G.E.Rule), (ar) Galactic Citizen, Spring ’96
  • Open Enrollment, (ss) Galactic Citizen, Winter ’95
  • Stormkeeper, (ss) Galactic Citizen, Spring ’95
  • Silver Lady, (ss/prose poem) Wellspring Spring/Summer ’95
  • What Dreams May Come, (ss) Galactic Citizen, Summer ’95
  • The Viking-Trojan War, (ss) Galactic Citizen, Fall ’94
  • Borealis, (nv) L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume IX, ed. Dave Wolverton, Bridge, 1993
  • Chimaera, (ss) Galactic Citizen, Summer ’93
  • The Grand Master of Science Fiction: Robert A. Heinlein, (ar) Galactic Citizen, #1 Fall ’92
  • Stars that Sing the Requiem, (ss) Galactic Citizen, #1 Fall ’92
  • Robert Heinlein: The Grand Master, (bg) Midnight Zoo v2 #6 ’92
  • Ghosts, (ss) Wellspring Summer ’91
  • Graves in the Sand, (poem) Mensa International Journal

Lament File…

Stories that were accepted for publication but never made it into print due to the magazines’ regrettable demise.
Adjustments, accepted to Rebel Tales, 2011
Stars That Sing the Requiem in Best of the Web 99
The Eternal City, accepted to Pulp Eternity print ‘zine
Gandharvas, accepted to Midnight Zoo
Viking-Trojan War, accepted to Zone 9
Stars That Sing the Requiem, accepted to Keen SF
Silver Lady, accepted to Keen SF