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I am a full-service Web Designer and Webmaster, blending the creation of the graphics, layout, and coding with giving my clients an experienced writer and web marketing professional.

Civil War St. Louis (2001-2013)

This award-winning site features original research into the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi. This website began as a way to share research Geo and I have done into this rarely-explored, yet important, area of U.S. Civil War history. The site is linked from, and cited by, numerous universities and scholars. We’re even linked from the CIA’s website. Because of the respect the site has, it has gathered original articles and reprints from top authors and scholars. My work in this area even led to my appearance in a documentary on the History Channel in “Civil War Terror”. Civil War St. Louis passed one million visitors long ago. (Civil War St. Louis is also undergoing a site remodel and code upgrade which may deliver some dead links as you visit through the–linked–new homepage.) Numerous articles I’ve written can be seen on Civil War St. Louis, with selected book reviews reproduced here.

The Heinlein Archives (2007-2013)

Landmark website bringing the digital collections to the online public.The Heinlein Archives is a groundbreaking website in many ways. I was given the job of building this site in 2005 with no more instruction than, “make an archive with document security.” I had 200,000 pages of scanned images piled into unordered, unindexed pdf files, delivered to me on a dozen CD ROMS. From this unstructured conglomeration of material I became the online archivist, creating the indexing patterns, the category structure, breaking apart the pdfs, processing and indexing each individual page to make a coherent, searchable structure for the Archives. Proprietary background processes (the DORA system) give each customer’s individual order a unique, trackable digital watermark before delivering a reassembled pdf to the customer’s email in a fully automated process. To my knowledge, a project of this sort has not been achieved before or since. With an initial launch of 100,000 document and image pages indexed and online, I hit the desired launch date of July 7, 2007, introducing the Heinlein Archives to the public at the Heinlein Centennial convention in Kansas City. Geo joined in indexing documents the following year, working on Heinlein’s letters. We completed the online collections by July 7, 2008. The Heinlein Archives has served documents to visitors around the world since. If you’d like your archive to have an online presentation, while keeping your copyright integrity, using the DORA–Digital Online Research Archives–system, please contact me (address on my homepage).

Virginia Edition (2008-2013)

Introducing and selling the definitive collection of author Robert A. Heinlein, this website is an ecommerce site to introduce and sell the Virginia Edition books. The design of this site came about when the client commissioned a website design from someone who, apparently, was a marvelous graphic designer, but had no understanding of how the web operates. The website he delivered did not function correctly in any browser, and the graphics were so huge not even the fastest connection could open the site. I redesigned the website to keep the originally intended ‘look’ but to make it a functional website. In ecommerce terms, the website has been a success–it took in $6000 in orders in the first hours it was online.

The Heinlein Prize Trust (2003-2013)

The Heinlein Prize for Accomplishments in Commercial Space Activities, literary estate of author Robert A. Heinlein. Long-term website maintenance for some clients, most notably The Heinlein Prize Trust, includes writing press releases and articles. It’s one of the pleasures of the job to sometimes start my day by interviewing a NASA astronaut, or scientists and researchers working to better the world, or conversing with someone involved in the Russian space program. You can read selected articles and press releases here or at The Heinlein Prize website.

KARE 11 Television (2004-2012)

While my primary job at the television station was as a broadcast engineer/lead technician, I also work as Web Designer on their website properties. I’m part of the website team, with my specialty being in web marketing, and stats and metrics tracking and interpretation. It’s a great benefit, on a website such as this, to have a person like me working on it who not only understands the web, but is also a long-time television professional with full understanding of how a television station operates and its unique needs. At one point, given a free hand with one advertising aspect on the website, I created over a 700% increase in their revenue from that source, giving the television station a six-figure revenue from just my efforts.

Butler Public Library (2007-2013)

Built as a donation, website of the public library in Butler, Missouri. The site is designed to allow the library director to update the front page at any time.

William H. Patterson, Jr. (2010-2013)

Author profile site for the biography Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century.

The Heinlein Journal (2010-2013)

The leading source of new scholarship on Robert A. Heinlein, built gratis for Heinlein biography author, William H. Patterson, Jr.

Houston SpaceFest (2011)

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of humans in space.

Splendid Summer (2011)

A new site from an old friend, my college roommate, Mary Matthews to promote her newest book, “Splendid Summer”.

The Heinlein Society (2010-2013)

The Heinlein Society site is back, with a new, updated interactive version.

Sites no longer on the web:

Caltronics Design (2004-2011)

Electrical Engineering, Design and Assembly. This is my brother’s electrical engineering company. Their previous website had been done by a website design and hosting company that advertised how it would make you a wonderful website and get it into the top of the search engine rankings, Right… the only way to find their website was to go to the host company. Caltronics Design did not search up on Google under their own name. I was appalled by this, but have seen it many other times on the web. So I built them a new website and within a month, with proper design, keywords, and linking, it rose to the top page of Google rankings under their own name, as it should.

Edina Technical Products and Vending Promoters (2004-2009)

Website design/webmaster 2004-2009. Technical writer, video scripting and video producer 1987-2009. Edina Tech was a vending machine manufacturer in Plymouth, Minnesota. I had written and desktop published their instruction manuals since 1987, also writing and producing several video instruction guides for them. I designed and built their new website in 2004, also providing occasional general IT tech support to the company. I also built their sales promotion website, Vending Promoters. Edina Tech was, alas, a victim of the economic downturn, also losing a major client to foreign outsourcing. The CEO of the company did recommend me to the new company he works for, Artograph, where I was hired to write an instruction manual for one of their new products.

The Heinlein Society (2003-2005)

The Heinlein Society website is still online, of course, with my now-dated web design (I’m working with the current webmaster on updating the site and design). This website was built as a donation to the non-profit Society, with me putting in 30-40 hour weeks on the site for months to bring it up to the content and design quality it needed and deserved. I came to be the webmaster/web designer of this site by way of building a Heinlein website of my own which almost immediately eclipsed the Heinlein Society in search engine ranking on a search of their own name! Once I started working on building/rebuilding the Heinlein Society website it, of course, rose to the top of Google rankings.

North and South Magazine (1999-2000)

A leading publisher in Civil War research (they published my “Sultana: A Case For Sabotage”), North and South’s website, at this time, was in a sorry state of affairs. I remodeled and updated it, with new design and graphics, and gave them an ecommerce presence for selling back issues of the magazine.